Building the capacity of workers, employers and government officials in labour and industrial relations through training, research, education and inter-institutional linkages to promote labour management relations best practices and industrial harmony for sustainable development.


To be a regional center of excellence in labour studies and globally renowned labour institution.


Dr. John Niyi Olanrewaju has commended the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Comrade Abdulwaheed Omar on his support for the Institute.

The Director-General who made the commendation during a congratulatory visit to the NLC President on his re-election, praised the President for having a good vision for the Institute and also affirmed that his vision has been adequately implemented by Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) members on the Institute’s Governing Council Board. “Just as you did make fruitful contributions to the growth of the Institute, your members on the Institute’s board have also contributed immensely to the growth and development of the Institute.”

Dr. Olanrewaju then promised that he would not relent in his effort to see that the ideas that the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress has for the Institute are fully implemented.

The Nigeria Labour Congress President, Comrade Omar, thanked Dr. John Niyi Olanrewaju and his team for the visit and commended his administration on the complete transformation of the Institute to that of an International Standard. “It is obvious that your stern enemies would agree to your efforts in transforming the Institute to that of world standard.”

According to him, the two bodies should partner very well to bring the Institute to the level of the George Meany Labour College in USA. He pledged his continued support for the Institute, and urged the MINILS boss not to relent in his efforts at bringing more development to the Institute.

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